Cylinder / Valve

  • Cylinder / Valve

Cylinder / Valve

RIGAS produces and supplies standard gases using unique cylinder inner surface treatment technology.
It is available to supply valves in various materials ( Stainless Steel, Brass, Nickel-Plated) and international standards. You may find products what you need in below specification.


  • 47L Steel
  • 40L Steel
  • 15L Steel
  • 10L Steel
  • 3.4L Steel
  • 30L Aluminum
  • 15L Aluminum
  • 10L Aluminum
  • 6L Aluminum
  • 118L LP Steel
  • Etc.


  • W22-14th, RH (Brass, SUS, Ni-Plated)
  • W22-14th, LH (Brass, SUS, Ni-Plated)
  • W23-14th, RH (Brass)
  • CGA 350 (Brass, SUS, Ni-Plated)
  • CGA 510 (Brass, SUS, Ni-Plated)
  • CGA 330 (Brass, SUS, Ni-Plated)
  • Etc.

※ If you have any inquiry on products and mixing besides the above components, ask for consultation and we will provide further information. Thank you.